One day in Lille

I had a Saturday off (very rare) and was looking for train tickets to go to my second home in Brussels. 2 weeks in advance and the rates were high (around 80 Euros). After having a look in Google maps I suggested that my boyfriend B would come to meet me in Lille, we could spend the day there and then head back home to Brussels with our car. Also the train tickets were really cheap, 38 Euros in 1st class!

It’s an hour trip with the TGV from Paris and I arrived around 11 am to Lille. It was really sunny and warm for the 1st of November.


B came with the car, we parked it and saw that the parking hall was filled with cars from Belgium. Apparently in Brussels all the shops are closed the 1st of November so people came to the French side to shop and spend the day off.

Our plan was to find a nice place to have lunch. We didn’t know Lille very well and just started to walk around without any specific destination. Then suddenly we saw a nice little street and a small terrace, we stopped there and decided to have our lunch at the Berliner. It was very relaxed and nice and simple menu; bagels, falafels and burgers.

Nice touch on the drink list was the German organic lemonade!


After lunch we just walked around, visited some interesting shops. It is so nice to see independent shop keepers instead of chains. We had some ice cream on a sunny terrace and then after the sun started to go down around 4 pm (we almost forgot it was November with that lovely blue sky and 20 C!) we headed back to the car and drove to Brussels which was around 1,5 hours away. Every time we take the car in Belgium there is something strange with the traffic. This time it was a lost cow under a bridge one meter from the motorway! Scary and dangerous…

A fashionable dessert in Lille “le merveilleux”. These photos are taken outside of the boutique Aux merveilleux de Fred





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