Christmas market in Aachen Germany

Aachen, Christmas

Mulled wine and XXXL Curry wursts, that’s what Aachen Christmas market is made of! I have visited this Christmas market twice and definitely would advice anybody who wants to get to the Christmas mood to go there too. Aachen is near Belgium, Holland and France and 1,5 hours by car from Brussels but you can also get there easily by Thalys. The old town is charming and when the sun goes down and all the Christmas lights starts to sparkle it all becomes magic.

Aachen old town just before opening of the Christmas market


You can forget the winter darkness when the Christmas lights are lit up


I’m more of a window shopper what becomes to actually buy stuff from my travels. Instead I’m more focused on what we can find to taste! For B with whom I travelled with it was obvious: german XXXL curry wurst. After the curry wursts we sipped hot drinks to warm us up before heading back home.

Not hungry yet?

Aachen, Christmas

Aachen, Christmas

Aachen’s Christmas market is open this year from the 21 November until  23 December and it is perfect for all the Christmas lovers who want to start early and for those who are so busy in December that they don’t have time to visit anything. As I’ve been there twice before I might try something new myself this year!

Aachen, Christmas


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