A trip to Goa

goa panorama

This winter B and I went to discover Goa in India for the first time. This destination has been in our travel bucket list for a very long time and I’m so happy we finally made it there!

Goa is the easy going relaxed destination in India. The weather is warm, people are nice and we felt safe during the whole trip. It was a perfect two week getaway from the European winter.

The itinerary

Paris – Mumbai – Goa with Jet Airways

Arambol – The Noname Guesthouse

Ashwem – Jamboree Creek garden cottages

Palolem – Ourem Palace

Agonda – Harmonium Resort

Bogmalo (Goa airport) – Silk Cotton Resort

Our days were filled with long walks on the beach, swimming in the sea, discovering the local markets and shop stalls and eating out. Each town had it’s own vibe and it never got boring. I’ll get more in detail of each place, what we did, what we liked and what not so much, but in general WE LOVED GOA!

Goa map



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