Hippie style in Arambol

Sunset in Arambol 

Arambol Beach

Our Goa trip started in Arambol. We were exhausted after the long flight and the 1,5 hour drive from the airport and when we finally arrived to our room and got changed we started to realize that we’re on vacation. The whole process of preparing the trip was a bit stressful for me with the visa applications and vaccinations (I’m completely allergic to any administrative work and doctors) so I was happy to finally have my feet on the Goan sole. 

View from the Noname Guesthouse  

Way to the village

I had chosen The Noname Guesthouse for the first 3 days and it was conveniently  next to the beach, clean, with internet (which worked on and off ) and we had really nice neighbors too. Only problem was the extremely loud music from the restaurants next door but actually the first night we were so exhausted that we didn’t hear anything, the second night we were maybe a bit annoyed and the third night we both suffered from a food poisoning and the loud music was the least of our sufferings, so in our case the music wasn’t an issue.

The feeling when we finally arrived to our destination 

The dwell at the back of our guesthouse 

The Arambol beach is quite animated with a lot of restaurants, tourists, cows and dogs. We had a lovely candlelit dinner on the first night on the beach, breakfasts we took at the German Bakery and for lunch we headed to a Tibetan beach shack with a lot of Russian customers. But the best thing in Arambol was the beach during the sunset. Artists, hippies, tourists and locals gathered there to spend time, sell jewelry, snacks and all sorts of things relevant to a hippie lifestyle. When thinking of Goa I have this a bit romantic idea of an alternative lifestyle, exotic beauty of nature and magical atmosphere and maybe I could have got a glimpse of that during the Arambol  sunsets! 


Sunset in Arambol Beach 


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