A haven in North Goa, The Jamboree Creek

Our perfect little home in Ashwem

You couldn’t imagine the feeling of relief and happiness once we arrived to Jamboree Creek in Ashwem. It was only a few kilometers from our first place in Arambol but it felt like we had arrived to another planet. But you need to know that we both suffered from a quite severe food poisoning that had started the night before and traveling (even it was only few kilometers) in that state was quite interesting to say at least… 

The cottage was cozy and it had the best open air bathroom that was protected with a mosquito net 

The cottages were surrounded by a kitchen garden growing tomatos, peas, pineapples and so. It felt refreshing to see some greenery around us and while B was recovering from the food poisoning inside the cottage, I was reading next to the pool in a hammock or on our porch.

Garden and pool area where I could spend all day

Even though I thought I could never eat food again (I couldn’t even hear the word food pronounced without feeling sick and referred to the subject just saying the letters F O O D if I had to) luckily The Jamboree Creek had a café/ restaurant inside the resort. It served simple fresh food that they cooked according our wishes and they literally brought us back to life meal by meal and smoothie by smoothie. 

Detox breakfast platter was my go to meal in the mornings 

The resort was In Ashwem, a quite chic North Goan village, and the beach was just incredible. We had a private acces to the beach through a little nature path and  a bridge that crossed a small bay. Just going to the beach was really lovely. 

The way to the beach by our private bridge

We had reserved two nights at first on Airbnb but decided to stay a third night before heading to the South Goa. We didn’t really go to the Ashwem village, but I did go see the chic beach stalls next to the French restaurant La Plage. Jade Jagger has a boutique there and of course I had to go and see how it was!

Ashwem had a more sophisticated feel to it than Arambol for instance. The beach was very clean and not crowded which I liked a lot. Again we found this place to have it’s own unique atmosphere. Living in Europe we are so used to mass market, chains, trends and fashion to be the same everywhere that I was surprised to see each Goan town so different from one another. A traveler’s bliss! 

Chic shopping on the Ashwem beach


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