Pintxo week in San Sebastiàn


View from the San Sebastian harbour

Last year in June 2015 we went to celebrate my friend’s the last unmarried girl’s week end in Spain. What a blast, nothing else to say. But what’s interesting in traveller’s point of view is that now I can recommend the Keler’s Pintxo Week!  The Keler’s Pintxo Week is coming up again in June which is a local beer and tapas festival with excellent prices for food and drink in the city’s best restaurants. Just by chance we happened to be there at that time and got to try and taste plenty of great restaurants with delicious pintxos and local beer.



Keler Pintxo Week and hen night all together

We stayed in a Airbnb flat nearby the beach and could go everywhere by foot. There were lot’s of surfers, tourists and locals in the city to create a unique cool atmosphere. Other things to do  than eating pintxos there are two excellent beaches in the city and we could have stayed swimming  for all day in the Atlantic Sea. I really loved the relaxed small town vibe San Sebastián has. In the evening we found some excellent bars to go out and during the day we enjoyed shopping in the beautiful fashion stores. A perfect girl’s weekend I’d say!


The beach in the city center


Finnish Vikings in San Sebastián 


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