Picasso Museum in Paris

Pablo Picasso. If someone got it, he did! One of my favorite artists and a very interesting persona. After many years of renovation the Paris museum opened again a couple of months ago. I have wanted to go for many times but last this Saturday, during the European Museum Night, I finally got the chance. It’s only 5 minutes with the metro from my house and because it was the museum NIGHT (no excuses about the opening hours and my work hours being not compatible) I got myself together, left the house and went to see if the line wasn’t too long. And it wasn’t!


The building is just beautiful. I could go just for admiring the architecture. But of course it’s the work of Picasso that we go there. Classics and rare pieces, pictures and videos; it’s a real treat for any Picasso lover. They also host exhibitions and at the moment it’s the Miquel Barcelo ceramic sculptures that they have. It suits perfectly the space (also some pieces are in garden) and I discovered a new artist that I didn’t know!


Musée Picasso Paris 

5 rue Thorigny 

75003 Paris


4 thoughts on “Picasso Museum in Paris

  1. Great video. We walked to the Picasso Museum during our April visit, but the paintings were closed, although the museum just opened after years of renovation. I’m glad you were able to see everything.

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