WE LOVE GREEN music festival in Paris

Last Sunday B and I went to Bois de Vincennes, where was held the We Love Green music festival. Cool line up, great eco conscious concept and the food..! The day passed very quickly.

When couple of months ago I saw the artists coming to We Love Green, I didn’t think twice. Air and PJ Harvey, both on a same day, and that day was Sunday (my day off). The tickets cost about 40 Euros so not bad at all. Also the whole event was a only a few metro stops away from us so basically we could have even walked over there if we had to.

First thing we did when we got in the festival area we charged a cashless card for ourselves. There were no cash circulating in the festival area (with few exceptions) and it was quite handy. Then we headed to see all the food stands and made a plan for the day. Besides food and drink they also got stands promoting eco friendly lifestyle and panel discussions on various themes. How mind blowing is that for a music festival!?!

The whole event felt very well organized and all the details were thought through. Even the toilets were eco conscious wooden dry toilets and you went in with a cup of wood chips to flush! Very interesting and relevant information about music festival isn’t it…

I made this little video to share our day with you, enjoy!


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